Pricing Options

Fixed Price Accounting Fees

This is the best deal of all. We call this our Peace of Mind method by fixing your annual accounting fees in advance. We agree on an annual fixed price for your accounting fees that is payable monthly by automatic bank transfer. Clients who use this method cannot believe how easy it is and they can call us at any time to talk about their business without further expense. It is a comprehensive package with priority guaranteed. It is perfect for clients who want us to complete their monthly or two monthly GST returns.

We have clients paying $250 to $350 + GST per month for reasonable sized businesses where we prepare two monthly GST returns using the BankLink accounting system, annual financial statements and tax returns. They also receive unlimited telephone support and quarterly “Virtual Directors Meetings” to review progress and look at ongoing tax commitments.

Pay As You Go

''When'' we do work for you during the month, we will bill you at the end of the month for payment on the following 20th.

Monthly Instalments In Advance

We estimate your accounting cost for the year and you pay in monthly instalments by automatic bank transfer. We do a wash up at the end of the year and the adjustment is either invoiced or credited to your account for payment on the following 20th.

Schedule Of Fees

The best way to determine what your fees will be is for us to provide an estimate for the total job at the commencement. This way works well for you and us and if we encounter any issues that were not anticipated at the start, we give you a call to discuss the matter and how it can be resolved without unaccounted cost blowouts.

While we prefer to price on a package deal and can provide you with an estimated range of fees for a job, we advise our hourly chargeout rates are currently (excl GST)

Ian Waters and Maree Pauling $235
Accountants $135
Data Punch and Secretarial $107